About Us

Who We Are… What We Do!

We Plug GOOD Music showcase and feature the best in new and emerging music from all around the world. We believe in the power of good music. An innovation borne out of passion for new and emerging music, and efforts to revolutionise the way new music is discovered and consumed, WPGM provides a relevant platform, via media and publishing, digital PR and publicity, social media marketing, and live events, to promote, support and raise awareness for the best new music and artists.

Already with an established solid platform of over 200,000 monthly visits, over 30,000 Twitter followers, over 40,000 Facebook fans, over 20,000 Instagram fans, and over 20,000 YouTube subscribers, WPGM – as a trend setter and tastemaker since its first iteration in 2009 – is out to further up the ante in disseminating and promoting relevant new media and content to its global audiences.



This store has been conceptualized and designed by *Aslı Ateş*